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In dental tools, micrometers determine the quality of results - and thus also determine dental health and human well-being. We are always aware of this responsibility when developing our precision tools. They are characterized by maximum smoothness, minimal tolerances, and perfect adaptation to the materials to be machined.

All dental tools from our production can be easily integrated into your existing system via "Plug & Mill": the geometries and surfaces are adapted to the requirements of the respective materials and machines. This not only saves you changeover times and new purchases, but also speeds up your production process.

Because the development of dental tools is a very demanding task, we work in an interdisciplinary manner and draw on experience from machining applications in other industries. For all products, we verify the exact function in our own test environment. This allows us to make radical product innovations that bring the quality of your production to a new level.


Three different versions of tools are available for machining zirconia. All milling cutters are manufactured with polished surfaces but differ in the coating; uncoated milling cutters can be considered as an entry-level solution in terms of price/life ratio. Cutters with ZR and DL coating offer improved tool life and the DIA premium coating offers maximum tool life. To reliably avoid chipping at the margins of translucent zirconia, three-edged tools are the best choice.

In addition to the factors of surface, geometry, substrate and coating, there is another important feature to consider in NEM machining: The micro-geometry of the cutting edge and topography of the surface close to the cutting edge are modified by specific treatment of the cutters. Combined with a high-quality AL coating, this ensures a long tool life with excellent surface results on the workpiece. The use of drills for economical screw channel (set) production is particularly interesting for abutment machining.

Note: Tools already used for CoCr should not be used for titanium - and vice versa.

The use of polished tools optimally transports the chips and prevents the materials from sticking together. In addition, it is advisable to use milling cutters with ZR coating for machining PMMA, wax and PEEK. The additionally "finished" surface of the coating, improves the surface quality, and ensures even better chip removal. It also provides additional long-term wear protection and has a positive effect on the surfaces of workpieces. Depending on the application, the use of single-edged tools is worthwhile.

Our tools process lithium silicate glass-ceramics to perfection. Optimized diamond application on the GBDIA coating achieves excellent grinding results in terms of tool life and surface finish. Their shape, cylindrical or conical, has been designed as " plug & mill " to easily integrate the tools into your existing system.

As fast as the variety of materials in the dental industry develops, new tool geometries must be designed for their processing. Today, our tools process many other materials such as gold, plaster, composites, and others. Our focus is always on effective and economical machining. We are happy to help you with your use case.



For applications where polished surfaces and precisely defined, sharp cutting edges are required for optimum results.


Optimally suited for machining CoCr, titanium due to increased oxidation and abrasion resistance. In addition, high thermal shock stability and highly stressable, very smooth surfaces for extremely high tool stability and good chip removal.


Highly recommended for special machining applications in CoCr and titanium thanks to excellent wear resistance, very high thermal stability, and oxidation resistance. Problem-free chip flow thanks to outstanding surface quality.


Very high coating smoothness with low tendency to stick thanks to special post-treatment of the surface, making it ideal for soft materials. Precise, sharp cutting edges can be realized due to precision in coating thickness.


Especially suitable for machining zirconium oxide, as an alternative to the DIA PREMIUM coating thanks to very high coating hardness with a particularly smooth coating surface. Optimum protection against adhesive and abrasive wear.


Optimal solution for machining zirconia. Nanocrystalline structure for good coating surfaces with extremely high coating hardness. Optimized coating thickness for excellent resistance to abrasive wear.


By adapting the cutting grain topology in terms of arrangement and grain size, a high metal removal rate is achieved when grinding.


Technical advantages at a glance

We developed the high speed end mill for maximum material removal in the shortest possible time. With this tool, you can rough twice as fast as with conventional dental burs all while achieving an extremely high level of process reliability.

This offers you a wide range of new possibilities compared to the tools you have been using so far:

Roughing twice as fast

We designed the new high speed end mill to achieve as much material removal as possible in the shortest possible time. This means twice the work done compared to conventional milling cutters!

Higher process reliability

The high speed end mill has a stabilized chip space shape and is perfectly adapted to the roughing process in the dental field. You can leave work with ease - the high speed end mill runs and runs and runs. Reliable, highly precise, and fast.

Extended service life

Of course, higher infeeds are not a must. If you stay with your regular strategy, you can now realize much longer tool lives through optimized geometry.

High metal removal rate

The high speed end mill achieves a particularly high metal removal rate thanks to perfectly matched material, coating and microgeometry of the cutting edge - for maximum productivity of your system.

Perfect advice, perfect result

No experimenting, no testing, no stress: we are professionals like you and value a perfect product. To this end, we always advise and support you personally and straightforwardly. We understand your requirements.

Save time and costs

Thanks to its advantages, the high speed end mill not only saves you costs, but an enormous amount of time - whether you want to finish work early or increase production output: this tool makes it possible!

It's up to you to decide which productivity benefit you prioritize in your production: higher deliveries, longer downtimes, continuous production - or a combination of several factors. It all depends on how you align your strategy.

We eliminate the need for experiments, testing and the stress involved in the transition. Our product is fully developed and can be used immediately. During rollout in production, we advise and support you at any time, personally and in an uncomplicated manner.


We are convinced that we must give back to nature what we take from it. In all production areas, we pay attention to processes that are as climate- and environmentally friendly as possible. We only use electricity generated from Norwegian hydropower as our energy source; we use waste heat for heating and cooling via heat pumps. Highly effective oil filters reduce the machine tools consumption of electricity to a minimum.

For our dental tools, we developed a recyclable packaging concept that relies exclusively on FSC-certified cardboard, facilitates reuse and recycling. Shipping is CO₂-neutral due to contractually agreed compensation measures. In addition, we are permanently involved in various climate projects.


Personal support

We know you don't have time to experiment, that's why our cutters operate on plug & mill instantly. And if something's wrong, we'll help immediately and personally.

Always there for you

Because a product itself is never enough, you can count on reliable service, comprehensive knowledge and personal commitment. You will always reach a competent contact person.

Quality - 100% guaranteed

We produce on the most modern multi-axis grinding machines. In addition to precise process measurement, all tools are 100% quality controlled by us.

Perfection is our goal

We are experts like you and share your aspiration. We provide expert-level advice and know your requirements. That's how we achieve your perfect result together.


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