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We think service holistically because we are at home in the service world. Thanks to the very many use cases our customers from various industries had in the past, we know that the production and delivery of a quality tool is necessary but not quite a sufficient for perfect results. It all depends on how and where you use your tool, which production stages are upstream and downstream - and whether it is sufficient to continue working with existing solutions for new tasks.

That is why we deal intensively with your requirements, your tasks, your equipment, and your organization: We examine processes, clarify the correct use of tools for specific task and take care of all accompanying project tasks. We do this regardless of whether you handle standard milling tasks, work with new materials and molds, or want to include our tools in your sales range.


Doing the right thing right

Speed, precision and tolerances are important parameters that must be determined anew for every task. Thanks to our of decades of experience in various industries, we acquired a profound insight into the requirements for workpieces and tools.

We assist you in defining requirements and analyze suitable properties of our tools so that they can optimally support you in your milling task. In doing so, we consider your experience with existing manufacturing tasks, record your individual wishes and, if applicable, existing problems. By putting together the appropriate tool set, we create a perfect solution together.


So the workflow is smooth

Tool selection should not only fit your workpiece, but also your in-house processes. Because every production is structured differently - from machinery to workflow to responsibilities - we are happy to apply our knowledge to your specifications.

As a result, we contribute to a detailed recording, analysis and optimization of your individual machining process and accompany it along the value chain. This gives you full control over how you align your manufacturing strategy and which tools best support you in this. Appropriate process design can sometimes lead to considerable productivity gains.


Individual - and fast

In production as well as in trade, success depends on designing all parameters to fit the ideal mold. For us, industry specifics, order sizes and suitable logistics are inextricably linked with the provision of tools. At your request, we will support you in your activities on a project-specific basis - regardless of the size and time frame of the project.

We consider your product portfolio - supplemented by complementary products and custom-made products - to be a package and offer you the corresponding packaging design, branding and labeling. We organize shipping directly from the factory - be it to various milling centers, points of sale or other places of use. We know from experience: Everything can be customized.


We enter new technical territory

In some cases, existing tools are only suitable to a limited extent for new tasks. To achieve perfection here as well, it may be necessary to rethink - and develop - dimensions, material and geometry to suit each specific task. We deliberately built up the corresponding capacities for this in-house.

This enables us to act as your research and development department. It helps us to not only manufacture tools, but also apply them ourselves, test them and incorporate findings from practice directly into further research. In our own test environments, we install the milling cutters in the machines, machine workpieces ourselves and analyze the results for suitability of the selected materials and geometries.


Obligation turned passion

Of course, "classic" service is also part of our nature: In this way, we ensure a sustainable production method with lower reject rates and longer service lives. Collection and delivery are of course included in our scope of service.


Sharpening dull and worn tools is usually an economical alternative to purchasing new ones. We regrind and recondition your tools on our CNC machines.

Depending on your request also with coating, edge preparation, measurement protocol or labeling!

Try our pickup and delivery service – we are happy to help.


As a manufacturer of cutting tools, we know the enormous importance of a good coating. To always be able to offer the right coating, we work with a large network of renowned suppliers.

You want maximum wear protection? More performance? Or speedy processing in just a few days?

No matter your requirement, we will be happy to help you keep track and find the right coating for your tool and application.


Perfect tools require perfect preparation - for example, precisely conditioned grinding wheels and balanced grinding wheel packs. We prepare them reliably.


We label and mark surfaces with graphics, serial numbers, bar codes, and matrix codes - even for objects outside the industry and complex tasks.




At ibb, we work with the most modern multi-axis grinding machines. To meet the more complex process requirements as well as the increased demands on cutting tools, the company grinds on machines by ANCA, WALTER, ROLLOMATIC and TRUTECH SYSTEMS. Thus, we can maintain our required flexibility on the market.



Grinding good tools is one thing, verifying their quality characteristics is another. In micro range, for special tools but also for high precision radii or contours, objective and non-contact quality control is essential. ibb makes another quality promise: all tools are 100% controlled, in addition to the precise verification in the process.



If you want to deliver quality, you need good tools - perfect tools can only be produced through perfect preparation. Pre-setting, dressing, balancing are processes that have a decisive influence on later tool quality. Thanks to our high level of production capability, all quality-relevant processes remain in-house so that we can positively influence them.

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